Usman Bashir

Photo: Usman

Me and my Work: My work is on a latest machine which takes pictures of inside the body (called a ‘PET/MRI scanner’) to help detect cancer

Status: Want to become a scientist? Scroll down to the pictures and see how its done!

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James Gilbert

Photo: James

Me and my Work: I build robotic telescope instrumentation for mapping the Universe!

Status: I WON! This has been such a blast :) Now, let's go launch a space balloon...

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Freya Wilson

Photo: Freya

Me and my Work: I am making a new way of sending secret messages so that not even the best hackers could figure them out!

Status: Evicted! Gutted. See you in the chat tomorrow anyway!

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Daniel Hewson

Photo: Daniel

Me and my Work: My work is all about understanding how colour is produced by natural materials.

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